My family is from the traditional coastal lands of the Manteños-Huancavilcas in Ecuador. I was born and raised in Guayaquil until I moved to Samborondón in my teenage years. My mother's family is originally from Manta, though they settled in other places, including Milagro, where she was raised until her own teenage years and where my grandparents spent their later ones.

Since college, I have lived in the States, most recently in Ohio. My immediate family now lives in Florida, where I will move in the near future to join them after nearly thirteen years of living apart. In Peru, I recently lived in Cusco, where I deepened my knowledge of Quechua and Inca traditional medicine.


Each of the localities above is deeply special to me. I do and will return to many of them as often as I can. I am also an explorer of other places. During my travels, my favorite thing to do is to document the great beauty of Pachamama in my photography.

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